Monday, July 2, 2012

The Thuderstorm Jitterbug!

Summer is here and with summer heat comes summer thunderstorms.  Some children can find thunder and lightning very scary.  A lot of the fear has to do with the unpredicatable nature of the sound and light.  Some people can even jump sky high when startled by thunder sending their nerves all a jitter!  So how do you combat jitters in your bones and belly - dance of course!!

The Thunderstorm Jitterbug!

What you will need:
  • Grab some tambourines, egg shakers, or pots and pans 
  • Find a big sheet, tablecloth or blanket
  • Pull out a flashlight
  • Grab some scarves, streamers or a water spritz bottles
Here we go:
  1. Drape the sheet over you and your little ones .*
  2. Have each child hold a percussion instrument and slowly move up and down as if you were a raincloud filling up with moisture ready to pour down on your neighborhood.
  3. When the excitiment builds say "I see lightning" and flash the flashlight up to the ceiling. 
  4. Then ask the kids "what happens after lightning?"  Thunder of course!  Have them bang away at their instruments.
  5. Count and see how long before the lightning strikes again!
  6. Repeat this as many times as you like.  You can start with 10 seconds between each "lighting strike" and have the thunder and lightning get closer and closer until....
  7. After the thunder and lightning comes the rain. Throw off the sheet and dance around with scarves, streamers or even water spritz bottles.  You are the raindrops dancing down from the clouds.
*If you have extra adults handy, you can also hold the blanket up and have the little ones stand on one side of the blanket.  They can push on the sheet to expand the cloud as well as move up and down.  The children can come out from under the sheet when it is time for the rain to dance.

We learn through our experiences.  If you do a Thunderstorm Jitterbug with your kids then maybe the next time there is a big storm instead of hiding under the bed they will run for their tambourines instead!

Have fun making storm clouds with the kids in your life,


  1. I love dancing about the weather! Great ideas, I'm looking forward to incorporating the sheet. I think my students would really love that part!

  2. Yay! There is something so exciting about they dynamics of a thunderstorm!