Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Transitioning From August To September Takes Center Stage

Well, it is the time again.  Back to school commercials, letters from the new school teacher and the days of the week getting closer to September and further from August.  Some kids love this time of year and find it exciting.  Others, not so much.

I always fit into the "not so much" category.  Actually there is another category that I really fit into which was the "hide under the bed and maybe they won't find me" category.

Life transitions have always been tricky for me.

I learned while studying choreography that dance is really all about the transitions.   Stringing each movement phrase together takes artistic maturity.  Transitions are important and should be given the same amount of time and attention as the grand leap or sensational spin center stage. 

There are many types of transitions.  Here are just a few:
  1. You can pause between phrases
  2. You can choose a traveling step to link sections of a dance
  3. You can add another dancer
The same transitions that are utilized in dance can be implemented in the life of a school child beginning a new school year, new dance program, new teacher, etc.

Make sure to recognize the importance of your children or students' transitions.  Have them pause and take a few deep breaths.  Maybe have them skip, jump or hop to the bus or encourage them to bring a friend to class (even if the friend is an inanimate object.)  If you acknowledge and create smooth transitions for your little ones you will help ease them gently and safely into new situations. (You will have less anxious, better behaved, more attentive and engaged children.)

When I taught dance regularly at a dance studio I made entering the space a sacred ritual.  It was something to look forward to.  Each child picked their own way of entering the space (skipping, twirling, crawling, etc.) Immediately they got my undivided attention.  They got the attention of their classmates and they had to to attend to their bodies and movements as well.

I don't hide under my bed anymore (I can't fit under my bed) but I don't need to either.  I choose the transition that best fits the experience (like pausing and taking a deep breath, adding a little extra hop to my step or bringing a friend like a soothing phrase, happy thought, or calming image.)  Taking on the new experience becomes accessible and enjoyable.

Explore transitions with the little ones in your life and see if August can roll into September with ease ( it can also hop, skip, slither, etc.)


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