Monday, January 25, 2010

Left, Right, Left

It has been about two weeks since my last post. Unfortunately, I have apinched nerve in my neck and had to tajke some time off from tje computer and just about everything erlse. You can tell by my typos, I am only using my left hand to type at the moment.

What this experience has taught me, is how much I utilize my right hand and arm. From brushingf my teeth, to opening a door, to brushing my hair I am a true righty. When I teach, I encourage the children to use both sidfes of their bodies equally. Did you know that when you use the right side of the body, the left side of the brain is activated and vice versa. So, having a balanced body is important for mastering all sorts of physical skills as well as brain power!

I will go further into this concept in a future post, for my left arm/right brain is in over dtrive at the moment.

Here are some fun activities to try with children to challenge our one arm/one side tendencies.

Right/Left Challenge

• Hold a scarf with your right arm and make big circles, making sure to cross the middle of you body. Try it high over you head and low on the ground as well. Then switch arms and have the left arm perform big beautiful circles.  Finally, with a scarf in both hands do this activity one more time.  I call this "making rainbows."

• When teaching, we usually start everything to the right first. Do everything to the left first. Notice if this is harder for you or the kids!

HIGH FIVE - left hand, right hand then both hands after various activities throughout the day.

Simply activities - but not so simple. Learning, activating the brain and the body IS as simple as becoming aware and finding new was of exploring the body but performing the tasks takes practice, patience and a good sense of humor!

Keep moving up down and all around to the right and left!



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  1. I always tell my students "dancers always do everything on both sides" or "lets do the other side for good luck" :) Great post... the inspiration not so great! :) Feel better soon!