Monday, April 12, 2010

Why Dance Matters

This post is in honor of Arts Advocacy Day and the online event Dance Matters going on April 12 through May 3rd.

Dance can be...
a form of expression
a way to get the sillies out
a medium for physical fitness
a way to share common ground
a tool to interact with others.

Dance can...
 make time fly by
 make a moment more intimate
 make a moment more universal
push you to the limit.

Dance now...
with others
by yourself
in your room
in the grocery store
while waiting for a bus, the subway, a loved one.

Dance is...
a voice
loud and clear
a way to say what can not be said any other way.

next week
with emotion
with spirit
with a friend
with a stranger
with a relative
with a child

Dance matters...
to me.

Ask the children in your life:
  1. How does dance feel in their bodies and in their hearts?
  2. Why do they like to dance?
  3. Do they like to dance by themselves or with others?
  4. Where is there favoirite place to dance?
  5. What kind of music do they like to dance to?
  6. Can they make up a special dance and share it with you/the class?
For more information on the Dance Matters event check out:

Have fun exploring why dance matters to you and the children in your life!


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