Monday, July 18, 2011

Simple Moves for a Simply Fabulous Dance

I just came back from dancing in New Hamsphire with my friend children's music singer/songwriter Steve Blunt.  He is in the process of  completing his new CD and he had the great idea of adding a bonus movement feature to the disc. The movements he created are simple and easy to remember because they mimic the words he sings.  It makes the songs interactive and the kids get to be silly as they listen to silly lyrics.  Dances do not have to be complicated to be effective and engaging.  In fact, sometimes the simplier the better!

You can use this idea to create simple movements to your favorite tunes. 
  1. Choose a song that has a lot of descriptive words or clear actions.
  2. Have the words of the song inspire three or four movements that can repeat throughout the song. (It is great to pull ideas out of the chorus since it repeats.) 
  3. One or two of the movements should travel through the space and one or two should be stationary.
  4. Create a beginning and end shape to the dance.
  5. Make sure at least one movement engages the entire body.
  6. Encourage the kids to use facial expressions as well. 
  7. Be careful not to "act out" the song. 
  8. Make sure the kids come up the movements with you!
 Simple dances are fun and do not require much space.  You can even have the kids pick out the music.  (Make sure to listen to the lyrics first before agreeing to the song.)

Have fun dancing to your favorite song with the little ones in your life.  And keep your movements simple for a simply fabulous dance!


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