Thursday, September 1, 2011

After A Storm We Dance As a Community

In the Northeast we are still recovering from Hurricane Irene.  The storm was Sunday and more than half  of my town is still without power.  And because most of the houses use well water most people do not have water as well as electricity, internet or phones.  People as you can imagine can get a little cranky and frustrated without a hot shower and a hot cup of coffee but for the most part everyone has been reaching out to each other, lending a hand and laughing a lot. 

After the storm, my entire neighborhood stood together in the street, assessed the damage, helped each other take down tree branches as well as chatted and learned about each other's storm experiences. And while we talked, the kids played baseball in the rain. The next day the kids all played together from morning until night galavanting from house to house cleaning yards.  I was amazed at how the kids came together.  It was an exciting adventure and they were experiencing it together.

I think that is the biggest lesson I learned from this event.  When we feel like we are all in it together, a greater sense of good kicks in (whatever the "it" may be.)  We don't feel alone, isolated or picked on.  We feel supported, understood and united.

I wanted to share this experience to encourage you to create a sense of community in your school or neighborhood.  Instead of the parents in my neighboorhood asking the kids to go and clean up the yards ( which would never have worked) the kids came up with the idea themselves because they experienced the event together and wanted to do good together.

Create a dance project that comes from a need in your community.  Ask the children to brainstorm about current events to create a dance theme or school theme.  Find common ground to create.  And then let the kids at it!!

Have fun creating a sense of community and creating dance with the children in your life!


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