Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Treat

Happy Halloween to all those trick and treaters!  As a lovely treat I would like to share with you a fun music video created by my friends Steve Blunt (children's singer/ songwriter) and Deb Mendonca Cote (aveproductions.com).

Check out "Pumpkins Beware":

Use Halloween as motivation to create your own dance video.  All you need is a favorite Halloween song, a video camera and space to dance.  Explore some action words from a favorite pumpkin song or book.

Excerpt from the song "Pumpkins Beware" by Steve Blunt:
Pumpkins beware it's Halloween
Cling to the vines and don't be seen
if a human comes for you
your happy pumpkin days are through!

Excerpt of the book Five Pesky Pumpkins by Marcia Vaughan

One worried pumpkin
All alone tonight.
Out jump the others..."BOO!"
And give her such a fright!
Five Pesky Pumpkins: A Counting Book with Flaps and Pop-Ups!
Remember when creating any kind of dance always have a:
  • Beginning (opening shape, entrance, etc.)
  • Middle (maybe a specific way to travel around the space or the children's favorite movements)
  • End (ending shape, exit, etc.)
That's it.  Kids love to watch themselves on camera and it gives them a different perspective on how they move.  Believe me, once they start creating it will be hard to get them to stop. 

Have fun creating dances with the children in your life!

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