Monday, January 3, 2011

A Look Ahead to Recital Time

It might be silly to already be thinking about spring but as resolutions for 2011 are being made, so are plans for spring dance recitals.  Now is the perfect time to think not only about the dance steps but what you want your children to LEARN about being part of a performance.   If you are not a dance teacher but a dance parent this applies to you too! 
Things to think about:
  1. What do you want your children/students to take away from their performing experience?  (It can be as simple as to demonstrate what they learned in class, follow through with a commitment or to share their movement ideas with others.)
  2. What can you teach your children/students about performing that goes beyond the dance? (How to be a good audience member, what an audience member experiences from buying a ticket to getting a program to finding their designated seats.)
  3. What do you want your children or students to learn about putting on a performance?  (Costumes, lighting, music, make-up, tickets, etc)
  4. How involved do you want you students to be in creating/choreographing the dance?  (Can they create a few steps, maybe personalize their bows, vote on the music or props?)
  5. What role do you see the parents taking?  (Backstage helpers, costume makers, or nothing at all)
  6. What do you want your children/students to learn about performing? (Everyone needs to work together,  practicing leads to perfecting a dance, everyone has a special part to play, you can overcome butterflies and nervousness, etc.)
By thinking about the complete picture now, the performance at the end of the year will be fulfilling and satisfying for everyone!  Every experience you involve children in can be a valuable learning experience. 

Have fun creating an end of the year goal and objectives for and with the children in your life!


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