Monday, January 31, 2011

New Perceptions of High, Middle and Low Level

Levels can be a hard concept to teach little ones.  I usually teach low level is at the floor, middle level is table top level and high level is as high as you can reach or jump.  But that is not necessarily the truth.

Low can go much lower than the floor.  As anyone whose backyard looks like the Artic right now, you can dig WAY lower than where your feet are planted.  You can build a gigantic tunnel under the ground!  And middle level, well, when I was trying to chase my puppy into the house I experienced middle level where low level used to be.  And high level when I am walking on the snow is a wonderful place to explore because I never reach this high without the help of a stool or chair.  I guess what I am saying is that levels can be relative based on your environment.

It makes me think about how my perception of level is very different than a child who is 3 feet tall.  His or her high level is my middle level.  It is great every once in a while to change your outlook, see things differently and put yourselves in the minds eye of the children you teach. 

Yes, the clouds to both kids and adults are way up in high level but the door knob to a two year old is in high level  while to me it is in middle level.

Try exploring the levels with your class and don't give them images of what high, middle and low level is to you.  See and hear what it means to them.  And watch how they explore it with their high, middle and low level bodies!

Have fun exploring perceptions with the kids in your life!

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