Monday, February 21, 2011

Show and Tell and Dance

When I taught at a dance studio, my little ones loved to bring in toys and stuffed animals.  I used to take the toys and then give them back at the end of class.  Then one day I asked a child to share her doll with the class.  We talked about her texture, her angles, and curves and I asked the class how the doll would move.  Every child got up and showed me how he or she thought the doll would move.  It was awesome!!!

The next week more children brought toys or dolls in and we did it again.  Soon we had Show and Tell at the end of every class and it was not only educational but a great motivator for the kids to pay attention in class so we would have time for show and tell.  It also was another great incentive for the kids to participate and think about dance outside of class. 

Try incorporating a little Show and Tell into your classes and watch your students get engaged in a entirely new way.  You will also learn more about each student.  It was so interesting to me to see what the children brought in and what they shared about their objects.  It can give you great insight into how to reach a child that is shy or reluctant to move in class.

You might want to bring in some items to share as well.  Study the texture, angles, curves, straight lines, size, weight, etc and see what new movements the objects inspire!



  1. I love your ideas Stacey. You always give me ideas I haven't thought about before. Last semester, I had twins in my class that would bring in baby dolls, strollers, wands. You name it, they brought it. I have always encouraged them to leave them outside. Some parents feel like it's "babyish." Sometimes I think it distracts the other kids and even the kids that bring them. Did you feel like they got distracted since you waited until the end of class to use them? Or did they pay attention even more because they couldn't wait to dance like/with them?

    I like this idea and think it's a great way in using what the students bring you and turning it into movement. Which is what I love to do!

    Thanks for the idea :)

  2. HI,
    I do think that sometimes bringing in toys, dolls, etc can be distracting. That is why I first tried to take the items. But it didn't stop the kids from bringing them. I think it can be comforting to some kids to bring something from home. So when I structed it, with rules (bring in only one item, etc.) it became a teaching tool instead of distraction. We put all the items on the chair so the toys could "watch" us. It became a great incentive. You could try one "show and tell" day and see if it is right for your class.
    The kids I taught were so creative with their ideas it became something I looked forward to as well.
    Let me know how it goes!