Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dance Spontaneously

Have you ever danced in front of your little ones?  I am not talking about demonstrating a step or the dance they are learning; I am talking about you just breaking into dance spontaneously.   There is something very powerful about teaching the art of self- expression and in order to teach you too must do!

When could you break into spontaneous movement?
  1. Waiting for the CD player to play (my CD player is always very tempermental)
  2. Walking a class in or out of the classroom or studio
  3. While kids are putting on shoes, clothes, etc
  4. Anytime, whenever, any moment will do

What will they learn from watching you break into dance?
  1. Dance is for everyone
  2. Movement is not limited to a certain time, day, or place
  3. You can express your feelings through dance
  4. It gives them permission to do the same
At the end of every class I teach we finish in a circle.  I have each child go into the middle of the circle, one at a time, and share his or her favorite way of moving.  When I teach in the schools I also have the classroom teacher go into the middle of the circle.  The kids love watching their teacher dance.  They clap and giggle.  The kids also make sure that I don't forget to go into the middle as well.  When you ask kids to share, make sure that you don't forget to share as well.  It builds a sense of community, trust and creates a shared experience.

I dance in the kitchen when I cook dinner.  My daughter laughs and will sometimes join in without me asking her to do so.  Just the act of dancing in front of her creates a bonding moment.  A moment where neither of us is asking anything of each other.  We are just sharing an experience together.

So, have fun dancing in front of the little ones in your life! 


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