Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dance Your Tush Off

I have been watching a show called Dance Your Tush Off on the Oxygen network.  Ok, it isn't exactly called that. Substitute the word tush for donkey, and, well, you get the idea.  For those of you who have not seen this show let me give you a quick synopsis:

Overweight contestants work with professional dancers to develop routines which they perform at the end of the week in front of a panel of judges.  Their dance scores are added to the amount of weight lost for the week to come up with a final score.  The one with the lowest score each week goes home.  The last one standing at the end of the competition wins. 

What I liked about the show:
  • People are getting into shape, working hard and dancing their hearts out.  The dancers have personality, some technique and are learning ballroom and other various styles.
  • As they get more fit, their bodies take form, the mastery of their bodies improves and they develop a sense of body ownership.
  • The development of body ownership is beautiful, the connection the dancers develop to themselves and their partners is inspiring.
What we can all learn from the show:
  • Dance is not for the elite, the ballet trained or the perfectly fit. It is for everyone.
  • Dance is exercise.  Dance is strength, stretch and endurance.
  • Everyone can do it.  The more you dance the better you get, the more confident you get and the more you can let go of your inhibitions.
  • Dance lets you connect with others.  Hold hands with someone, dance and look into their eyes.  You will see what I mean.
Need a little exercise?  Need a little pick me up?  Need a confidence booster?  Put on your favorite music and dance!  Can't go outside and want the kids to get some exercise - dance.  Want to cheer up a cranky child -dance.  Want to let off stress at the end of a hard day - dance.

And do what they say on the show.  Dance your you know what off!

Have fun dancing your tush off with the children in your life!



  1. I love, love, love your philosophy...your article is inspiring even to those of us who already dance!

  2. Thank you so much. My philosophy developed over years of teaching and finding out what I most wanted my students to learn - and what I wanted to reinforce in my own dance life. It is always great to hear feedback.