Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Water as a Dance Tool

There are some dance concepts that are easier to grasp in summer because you can use sprinklers and pools easily.  Water is a great tool.  I wrote about water in a past post but there is so much more to explore!

High, middle and low level can truly be explored when jumping into a pool.  High level when you jump, your body soaring above the water.  Middle, when you are standing in water, head above, body below.  And low level when you dunk and are submerged.

Tap the water gently. Punch it with great force.  You can clearly see effort and feel it. 
Push the water, pull the water.  You can feel your muscles engage and work hard.  Sometimes it is hard for kids to feel their muscles engage without resistance.  Here is a great opportunity to play with strength.

What if you don't have a pool?  
No problem!  Try this activity with a garden hose:
  1. Put your finger over the spout (or use a spray attachment.)  Have the water spray out gently. 
  2. Have the kids run and jump OVER the water. 
  3. Next, spray the water high over head.  Have the kids run, skip, turn, roll etc. UNDER the water.
  4. Finally, put the spray in middle level and have the kids run THROUGH the water
  5. Talk about the difference between OVER, UNDER and THROUGH and see which they liked the best.
  6. If you are brave have them hold the hose for you and give it a try!!
Explore water this summer with the kids in your life.  Let it cool you down and let it be a teaching tool to delve into the elements of movement.

Have fun getting wet with the children in your life!


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